Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Finally Did It: and glad!

Ever heard about digiscoping?..for those who never come across that term..It's basically a telescope mounted with a digital camera with an adapter...It is used widely in birding activities or wildlife observation...Since watching or photographing from a afar, it is safer and different experience altogether compared to using conventional cameras with shorter lenses.

I was introduced to digiscoping by this guy. An avid birder, he took digiscoping into an entire different level. You might wanna check his blog here.

It took me years before I finally acquired a unit. Thanks to the generosity and support from my wife. I guess my birthday came early this year LOL. (If you know what I mean)...Anyway, I am glad to have finally own one. Obviously, I have to learn more and faster besides having to get used to a whole different setup. It is quite intimidating... but I think I am up for it.

Welcome to my second life...I featured a digiscoped Purple Naped Sunbird as my initiation to the digiscope world... They'll be plenty to come..I promise...

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