Monday, October 31, 2011

FieldScope ED82+30X Wide DS Eyepiece+Nikon Coolpix:

Acquired a few days ago, my latest setup pushed me to my limit last weekend. Sounds funny, but yes, it's the other way around...

Birding and taking pictures especially in the open could not be any easier. Digiscoping is a new great way for me I think. With the speed and the outstanding full HD video capability of the P300, the ED82 really rocks my world.

The real culprit would be me if something is wrong with the photos or videos I took. My real challenge now is to know the limitation of the gear especially the camera. In addition to that, of course the subject I intend to shoot or watch.

It would be crazy if i expect zero noise if I shoot at ISO1600 like photo #5! It was taken at 6.00pm...It was already dark, but to tell you the truth, It was wonderful to see the live view on the LCD! I'm not that curious how Nikon does it, but it's bright and crystal clear!

Focusing the ED82 manually is not slower than my beloved Canon 300mm F4+TC1.4 so I am not really bothered.

Something missing with the Nikon P300 is full manual focusing and also zooming function in live view shooting. I have it in my G12 and 7D, it's a great feature which is unfortunate not included in the P300. Raw is nice to have, but I don't mind not spending too much time editing...what do you expect with 1/2.3" size sensor?

The Jpeg image quality is just nice if you shoot it right...Raw in not a necessity.

Gosh, just after a few days on the field, already I want to talk like an! Forgive me, lets get back to business. Lets get back to the real reason why I am writing this. It's all about these beautiful creatures... enjoy;-

#1 Eurasian Tree Sparrow, as common as they may be not always an easy target to photograph. Thanks to my ED82... I can shoot them from the comfort of my bedroom!

#2 Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper, you don't want to make silly mistake like I did coz they are scarce migrant. Excited, I didn't anticipate it's next move and zoomed too much! There goes my behavior shot...

#3 Enjoying the muddy soup...

#4 The eye-contact locked!

#5 Common Snipe in the dark...also one of the scarce winter visitors.

#6 Common Snipe, a few second before disappearing...

#7 Sea for the record. Digiscoped!

#8 Pacific Golden Plover, a common migrant..a beauty during breeding..not this time! at least to me hehehe

#9 The Red Avadavat, now commonly known as "angry bird" among us. Taken with Canon 7D+1.4TC +300mm F4.

#10 Whiskered Tern, always a pleasure to nail shots like this...Taken with Canon 7D+1.4TC +300mm F4.


myonlyphoto said...

Jordan, lol, hobbies can be expensive sometimes, well in my case too. Anna :)

Jordan Sitorus said...

Hi Anna! Very true! I should try scrabble or's a thousand times!