Monday, December 20, 2010

The Wandering Whistling Ducks of Tuaran

Not too long ago, we used to look for this particular duck at a different spot here in Tuaran. At the Tuaran Beach Resort (TBR)'s trail, the condition is not so favorable. Too many challenges... the bushes..mosquitoes...ect..

Located beside a road, this new spot is quite nice. Except for the heat, the rest is considered okay. If you arrive early to the pond, the light is soft enough...

The pond is in Kg. Indai Tuaran. Eventhough it's situated by the road, the traffic is not too bad..a car in every 15 minutes or so, nothing to worry about.

Anyway, here's some of my recent shots of the least the ones that seemed not too boring..


Zaim Hazim said...

Thanks for the lovely pics. Im new to birding myself and thanks to you I added a lifer today, the wnadering whistling duck when I came up to Tuaran for awhile.

Where'd you get to see the eurasian teal and tufted duck? Might come back to Tuaran just for that. Thanks.

Jordan Sitorus said...

Hi Zaim, thanks for dropping by..

The Tufted Ducks were found at the same spot in Kg. Indai & the Teals near the new temple in Kg. Marabahai Tuaran.

Anyway except for the residents, the two migrants are gone...

Thanks again