Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Backyard Birding: Tufted Duck of Tuaran

I am one of those lucky people who happens to live in one of the hot spots in Borneo. With vast paddy field and plains, it's the perfect pit stop for the tired and hungry migratory birds from the north.

Anyway, unfortunately for some of the birds...they could not make it until the cold season ends at home. No one can blame the natural hardship that they had to endure during their journey to a warmer climate. Butgenetically speaking, I am positive they are built to do that.

My concern is the people...You just imagine it, I'm sure you'd know where my frustration came from. The hunting, the trapping, the killing...goodness me, are we still living in the dark ages?? We have agriculture, farming, etc... are we that short of protein? I personally don't think so...

Enough about my assumptions, the following photos are a species of uncommon winter visitor to Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak the Tufted Duck, both male and female. They are known to migrate to the said locations between October to January. A lifer to me, this is one of the priceless backyard birding experiences to me. Enjoy:-

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