Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swedish Museum of Natural History: I made history

Received an exciting email from Christina Ritzl yesterday. She's the project manager at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. She was informing me the huge success and the mass media coverage of the recently opened permanent exhibition at the museum. Apart from that she included a few photos for my record and safe keeping.

Well, believe it or not I did contributed something for this exhibition. Two of my photos were considered perfect for this exhibition and eventually used. I almost forgot about this whole things until I received her email.

Frankly speaking, never in my wildest dream have I ever imagined my pics are being displayed in a museum! let alone in Europe!! Life is full of surprises...

1. The email

2. The museum's layout for "The Human Journey"

3. The Hall of the Past

4. The Family Tree
5. Credits

This is one of the best things that have ever happened to me and I'm extremely pleased and proud of. However, my only hope is that the exhibition will last long enough so that me and my family could visit the museum some time soon.

If you are wondering which photo are mine, please follow this link. Two pics from sixteen...not bad, not bad at all...I made history.

All photos credit to Swedish Museum of Natural History


Tabib said...


There your name in the "Apbilder" list.

Anonymous said...

Congrats babe...this means a lot to our family...I'm proud to share this with you...

Ron said...

this means that... next is Sweden Baby! have to sacrifice the macro lens, 2meals a day, use public transport, stop smoking... wala! 6 months later in Oslo seeping espresso and smoking cigar. how about that scenario?