Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yellow Bellied Prinia (Prinia flaviventris): Labor Day Prize

I was a bit annoyed the fact that Labor day fell on Thursday! It could have been perfect if it was Friday or Monday. An extra day at home in Kota Kinabalu (K.K), should I decided to go back. I have to plan my annual leave carefully, that was the reason why I did not take leave that Friday.
Labuan Botanical Garden has been my birding spot for a few months. An interesting place with some promising bird species. Located beside a jungle (so-called!), I would expect to find new birds to add to my collection.
Obviously, I keep my expectation at reasonable level. So every discovery of new species would be an exciting moment! Well, I have to find way to get adrenaline rush to my system! and this technique proved to be working well.
The discovery of a Yellow Bellied Prinia (Prinia flaviventris) below really made my labor day an interesting one. A cheeky little bird that gave me merely seconds to have a shot at. Hopping from one branch to the other constantly, making it a hard bird to photograph...
Yellow Bellied Prinia (Prinia flaviventris)
The bird gave me a break when it suddenly came to ground. I wasn't sure what it was looking for, but that was the only time when I had a real chance to have a good shot of it. Eventually, I have several good shot of the bird and this is one of the better pose...

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Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

that is one close shot my friend !