Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunda Bush-Wabler (Cettia vulcania): Phanthom of the Mountain Bushes

Chai and I went to Tuaran on Sunday. Just to ensure that the extra one day will not go wasted. After all, our earlier plan of going to Mesilau was cancelled because of the weather and some other unavoidable circumstances faced by our buddies.

The weather however turned to be almost perfect. A bit too warm and humid, but good enough for our activity. An outing more or less fruitful, I managed to capture some reasonable quality of images beside sightings of a few new species at the area;

1. Ashy Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps)
This is a common tailorbird which can be found easily. However, capturing their images proved to be a painstaking task. They simply don't wait and get 'shot', if you know what I mean!

2. Blue-throated Bee-eater (Merops Viridis)
Spotted a hovering dragonfly, the Bee-eater on it's attacking stride ready to make the plunge!

3. Collared Kingfisher (Todirhamphus chloris)

Chai and I were convinced that this was a Black-capped Kingfisher. After all, the bird's cap was really black. Unfortunately, when I did my homework...and examine the underparts, I could only see clean white color. Obviously...not!

4. White-breasted Wood-Swallow (Artamus leucorhynchus)
We believe this is a juvenile after watching it being fed by another Wood Swallow. There were no significant difference in size and color except for the color of the beak.

5. White-breasted Wood-Swallow (Artamus leucorhynchus)
The color of the beak distinguishes these two birds.

6. Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)
I have always been amazed by Swamphens. They have some of the beautiful colors in birds kingdom. The glossy purple is simply stunning! One of my favorite, but still lacking of good images of them!

7. Purple Heron (Ardea Purpurea)
I'm very grateful for this shot. I don't know how to describe their behavior, maybe they are shy or not I really have no idea. This one was only around ten meters from us and taken from inside Chai's car!

8. Grey-chinned Minivet (Pericrocotus solaris)
Taken in Tambunan, this one is the most decent shot I managed to capture. They normally come in pair and the male is red. Unfortunately, I guess this one is still single...we didn't see the male!

9.Sunda Bush-Wabler (Cettia vulcania)
This is the Phanthom of the mountain bushes! Can easily be heard but however proved to be very difficult to be seen. You know it's there and only a few feet from you...but...yet so far! They have the charm to drag you in into their small world and forget about the other birds around you, believe happened to me today! but...

10. Sunda Bush-Wabler (Cettia vulcania)
Got cha!!!
I missed the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Mountain Blackeye, missed the opportunity to get a shot of a Barbet...I don't mind...coz I have caught the phanthom that have been haunting me since our Kinabalu Park trip. It turned out to be a little cutie as well. Thank God!


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Anonymous said...

i agree with u. i have been trying to shoot Ashy Tailorbird since the 1st day i saw it (year 2005). til now, i still can't get a good photo of it. it is small n like to jump from branch to branch non-stop.

Anonymous said...

thank you jordan for yr nice comment in my site. i also so envy that u got so many good collection of borneo birds photos. it is almost impossible 4 me 2 get such pictures. i have been visited yr blog, it has become a knowledge site 4 me 2 learn more abt our birds. keep up the good job!