Tuesday, May 13, 2008

White-browed Shama (Copsychus stricklandi): The Superstar

Well, as promised here are the other bird's photos taken from our recent outing: from Kundasang to Sepilok, Sandakan.

Basically, I had to take lots of shots on a single bird. Hoping one or two images would turn out right. (We have a saying in our group; "One hit song in an album is all that matters...than none at all!). So, if you do not have fat enough CFs...it would be a real nightmare shooting with us!

Before going on our trip, I made quite a preparation. Knowing the difficulty shooting under the canopy, I trained myself in Labuan. Too bad, I had no one to practice with (it would be much easier with a company!). Well, the one thing I did not consider and overlooked was...the arrival of my EF300mm f/4L IS USM!

Sure...just an extra 50mm, what's the big deal?? It's a 'BIG' deal alright. It's massive and heavy! like I've never experienced before! and the extra 1.4X extender doesn't come any lighter either! My Monopod came into the picture only after the trip. Thanks to Ron, he loaned me his when we were in Kundasang (which he regrets very much!). That's when I finalized my decision to get one!

Anyway, these are the photo taken in Sepilok, Sandakan. It was rainy and cloudy most of the time which of course not an ideal time for photography. However, I did quite well...I think! (considering my aching hands and wrists!)

1. Black-naped Monarch(Hypothymis azurea)-male
2. Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)-female
This pair of Black-naped Monarch(Hypothymis azurea) were still building the nest during our outing there. I wonder whats their progress now. They're beautiful tiny bird. The male will end up doing the nursing of the eggs and chicks...

3. White-browed Shama (Copsychus stricklandi)
I have to say that this White-browed Shama (Copsychus stricklandi) (A.K.A White-crowned Shama) is the best star of all. It never failed to show up whenever we were there. Taking into consideration that they are exclusively and exist only in NE Borneo, they don't act like they were superstars! Thanks, Shama...It was a pleasure!

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