Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oriental Darter (Anhinga Melanogaster): I Nailed The Shot!

I became familiar with this bird last year when my buddies and I went to Bilit. River cruising at Menanggol River when we saw this magnificent bird. We were passionate and eager enough with our birding activity, but our gear then was not up the the challenge.

It was there when I decided to purchase the best gear I could afford. With my 400D, I bought the Canon 55-250 IS lens, which of course lacks the reach but the Image Stabilization system helps a lot. Now, in the talented hands of my wife, she's getting used to it and getting better shots each time.

I found out that the Oriental Darter is one tough bird to shoot. Dubbed the "Snake Bird", I didn't have problem to catch them in-flight but their heads are just to small and my images always came out with blurred heads and ended up binned!

Today, all that frustration flies away, I nailed a good shot of the bird! enjoy;

Oriental Darter (Anhinga Melanogaster)

In this shot, I managed to get a good angle with the bird's in-flight. The color tones on the head, neck and wing appeared nicely. I wish I was closer to the bird for the shots but for now, I did a good job. My personal best so far...Darter, I nailed you! Thanks...

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