Thursday, January 3, 2008

What the new year 2008 brings?

How did you start your new year guys?. Hopefully you started much better than I did!

Me? I had to come back here in Labuan last monday, i.e December 31, 2008! Had to leave home on my son's birthday. I guess we had never celebrated his birthday together except for one fine day (his very day of birth!). Pity him...pity to us all!

I remember when the whole world were alarmed by the Y2K bug. I work in a banking line where computer is the heartbeat of the industry. All our annual leave were frozen, and we were told to stay alert and had to standby in case of the computer crash! So, some of us did...fortunately, the transition went silky smooth!

I did not participate in that event...coz I had bigger concern that I had to deal with! not even the management had the say on that! Coz, that very day, December 31st, Y2K my son Alli was born into this world! The wait had ended...the wait for a son to carry the family name and to continue the blood last...a boy!

It was the greatest new year I ever had...Now, I don't think they'll be a better new year than that!...obviously...

What will the new year 2008 brings to me? let me rephrase that...What will I do to bring the best of 2008? Well, "photographically" speaking..have to improve! How, What, Who? listen to what people have to say...for example check out;
& When? ASAP!
Thanks for that comment Bro, I appreciate it. You have given me a jump start to improve my photography this year!

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