Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Son and Birding-The New Year Resolution?

Yesterday December 29, 2007 my family and I went back to my mum's place at Kampung Dungang, Tuaran. We decided to celebrate our son's birthday, Alli there. It supposed to be on the 31st but due to work commitments, I guess, sacrifices must be made.

It was a fun one for the little ones, Alli and his favorite cousin sisters and brother rocked my mum's house! With the screaming and shouting, running around etc, etc...My big brother John and I, enjoying our Chivas Regal whisky(all the way from Labuan!) slowly in the cold monsoon night.

From left to right; ChiChi, Adek(Shasha), Sano, Kakak(Nana), Alli and TimTim.

I woke up quite late this morning, nevertheless was the earliest among everybody. I was excited to hear the morning birds singing! It rained last night and I didn't wanna get my feet wet. So I didn't take any bird picture this morning.

We headed for Kota Kinabalu around noon. I figured, before going back to Labuan tomorrow I should take my family for a special lunch. Obviously, seafood restaurant came out top of the list again. This time around, we went to Kampung Gayang Seafood restaurant-which is located neighbouring Kampung Salut Seafood Restaurant.

The seafood here is nicer and a lot cheaper! and the tiger prawns are larger! The service is a lot more organized and fast! From my observation, more of the local tourists operator brings their guests here for a good meal. Hopefully, they'll maintain their pricing!

As we finished our lunch and heading back to the car, I noticed a bird flying around the restaurant fish pond. In the heat of the afternoon sun, I waited for it to stop. Eventually it perched on a concrete piling. I guessed it's some kinda plover, but couldn't determine the actual name;

After a few shots, my wife took over the driver's seat and drove towards the city. As she drove, I kept my camera available and looking for opportunities. A Brahminy Kite flew over our car, but unfortunately I didn't manage to get a shot!

However, I spotted a bird later on the way home and asked my wife to make a U-turn, having passed the bird! Willing, she did and I capture this bird which I believe is a Heron;

I made a promise to myself that I would never upload my bird pic to Flickr without a proper identification! (Pre-resolution of 2008! ). So, please excuse the Black & White background,..It is an indication of unidentified bird(s). So, I would very much appreciate it if anybody who knows the ID of the bird to hand a helping hand...please...


Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

buss #1 bird is common sandpiper and the #2 mcm itu juvenile heron. u got ka color pic of this heron ?

Jordan Sitorus said...

Hahaha! Thanx geng!I wasn't sure coz got white ring around the eye(u can click & enlarge the pic).

What species of Heron tu? please double check coz u'r the expert. (click & enlarge).got color that.

Thanx for ur response! my reference book in Labuan ba..