Sunday, December 9, 2007

Melinsung Summer Bay Resort Apartment

I took the last flight (9.50pm) from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu last friday (7/12/07). It was a last minute flight booking, fortunately I managed to get a seat. The flight was fully booked, and I had to 'enjoy' a 10 minutes business class seat!

The trip was more to "killing two birds with a stone" kinda trip. I have to clean & sort up my "weekend get away house" (Melinsung Summerbay Resort Apartment) and also...what else? photo trip! Needless to say tho, the weather sucks & I just don't wanna gamble with my camera...and end of story about photo trip!

I sounded like a wealthy man when I said weekend house! Hehehe...well, at least that was the idea! but somehow or rather, it didn't happen as frequent as we had hoped for. So, a decision must be made...

Some discussions amongst close friends and of course with the wife lead to a conclusion. Have to make it something like a service apartment, why not?! that place is an amazing place. It got plenty of facilities! long stretched white sandy beach, swimming pools, gyms, restaurant, gardens, etc, etc & etc!

I finally came to my senses after I spent almost 3 months staying at Beta Service Apartment in Labuan before I was permanently transferred there. Why didn't I start earlier! Well, I guess its better late than never...Well, we are renting out our apartment. It's cute, cozy and fully furnished!

I wish I have good photos of to upload here, but like I said...the weather is really, really bad... Indoor? the apartment? hehehe...not yet! wait until it's much more presentable...Hopefully, by today! But here's one for your admiration...

Notice the tents on the background? Yes, you can go camping here...have fun, jog on the beach, cycling, beach volleyball, fishing, barbeque, etc.etc & etc!

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