Sunday, December 9, 2007

E19-2 Melinsung Summer Bay Resort Apartment

As promised, here goes guys...

This is the living room, a cozy 'L' shaped Sofa.

A Tiger to watch over you in the living room when you're watching TV...(excuse the blurred image-taken in a hurry!)

The dining room for you to have a nice candle light dinner! Check out the Malaysian Flag & posters on the door...

The bedroom to recharge your energy after your activities...

The 2nd room with a double decker for your kids...

We departed from Kota Kinabalu around 11.00am. Stop by at City Mall to buy some stuff and of course to have our breakfast. We had a good meal at Kopitiam. We headed for Melinsung shortly.
Well, we spent almost a day to spring clean the apartment. We started at 1.00pm and finished at 8.00pm. It was hard work I tell you! I'm really, really proud of my kids. They really put their hearts making sure the apartment is clean...clean as a whistle the say! Please don't accuse me of slavery...It's team work!
Eventho they were busy cleaning...I sometime noticed them chatting with sweet smiles on their faces. I can't blame them...It's been a while since they last came here. They have found their long lost treasure! Alli is the most excited ones...a big box of toys!
After an exhausting cleaning task, photography session is the grand finale. I had to take the photos in a hurry coz everybody is starving! My wife and I decided to treat the kids to the seafood restaurant on the way to Kota Kinabalu.
We had a magnificent dinner, for the first time I didn't have to ask them to eat their veges & fish! They love tiger prawns...had to fight for it! Even Alli had 2 rounds of rice...poor him, he was the man with the vacuum!
Anyway, we are hoping that anybody that stays in our apartment will have a really good time coz we ourselves wish that...we could stay there again. To my kids, of course we will...We'll stay there whenever we get the chance...Promised!

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