Friday, November 30, 2007

What a Day (29 NOV 2007)

I've had it with the weather yesterday...I just couldn't stand it anymore. Just grabbed my camera and...Off I go. Went to Inanam Town and treat myself a nice "prawn Watan Ho" (Chinese fried noodles with thick mixed egg sauce;-not a good description) and first and guess what? They gave me "shrimp Watan Ho" instead...Is the weather really that bad? Went to few banks there to make some payments...Banks in the city (Kota Kinabalu a.k.a. KK) isn't the place you really wanna be this time around...If you know what I mean. There, I went hopping from one bank to another...fortunately they're so close together. I barely shed a sweat.

The funny thing is that all the bank's security personnel (locals call them sikuriti!) gave a peculiar look at me...Hey guys I'm not a crook. Never seen a guy dressed like an army before?It's not a gun in my holster...It shoots but doesn't kill! It's my M16 version 400D...I kinda enjoyed it and least they're doing their duty right (or they're being judgmental?). Trust me, I've seen lousy security guards..lots of them...
Wondering why I was in my camo? Well I planned to go hunting...didn't know where to, but I ended up going to the wildlife Park...Of all the pictures I took, only this one passed my quality control(smack...I took lots of shots!);

Shooting mode AE, shutter speed 1/60, aperture value 5.0, Iso speed 400 and at focal length of 155.0mm. I can get a pat in the back...don't you think? After all, the lighting was poor and it's handheld shot (kept my tripod in the car)!...I don't have speedlites! YET...If I may say so.(Darling, My birthday's coming).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coast (Sandakan)...Gary got himself a brand new toy;

A Speedlite! Wow, new accessory...Sith...(hate that smile...highly contagious!) and Ah Seng;

A brand new Nikon(or Nikkor) 75-300 VR lens...(feel like wanna smack that"I'm da man" look of Ah Seng!)...(Darling, X'mas is just around the corner).
I was told that minutes after receiving the new gadget Ah Seng produced this;
Isn't that heartbreaking?..Heartbreaking in a sense that it's in Gary's backyard and the composition is perfect! I just love this shot...Moreover, you don't have to go far to take shoots if you're in Sandakan, coz you are already in the wilderness..Congrats guys, for the new toys. Hopefully, I'll get the nod...

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