Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bird Flies as to Time

Rome wasn't built in a day, I kept reminding myself...when I was at home in Kota Kinabalu last weekend..you know, when I was expecting my new lens, I really was like a little kid, well kinda someone like my son Alli waiting for a new toy.

Nevertheless, I tried really hard to keep that out from my mind. It's very hard to swallow the fact that my lens wasn't ready for pick up...After all, It is paid for!

What did I do to do that? Well, my wife and I planned a little family lunch at a seafood restaurant outside of the city. The place is called Kampung Salut Seafood Restaurant. It is a huge open space wooden restaurant built on water.

It's a Chinese food restaurant (I have this thing about Chinese cooking...it's great!). Frankly speaking, the food there isn't too great...I have eaten better ones when I was in Sandakan and a few other places. They were a lot cheaper and the seafood such as tiger prawns and crabs are larger and tastier!

Forget about the food, lets head for the more serious note. Did you ever hear from someone that never leave your camera when you leave home? Or never take things for granted? Well, it is nothing but true!!! Wanna know what happened to me?

Lucky me, whenever I leave home it's almost certain I have my camera with me. Well, who knows...it might become handy! That was what happened to me. When we arrived at the restaurant, the tide was low (around noon) and there were plenty of egrets...little egrets, great egrets and a bunch of other species!

I carefully grabbed my camera and took a few shots after we took our orders. I was not satisfied with the shots I took because of the light reflections coming from the water...so I erased, erased and erased some of them! Failed the quality control checks...I told myself.

Dad! my daughter Sabrina called me...foods ready! With a little hesitant I stopped, I sat and we had a pretty good meal.

After we finished our lunch, I turned around only to see that all the birds were gone! The high tide have come and the area is already flooded! Goodness me, I was surprised and a bit angry at myself! How could I let food get between me and nature! Food can wait but birds? they fly Joe..they FLY! I was so foolish! but on the other hand, it was nice sitting together with everyone!...

I was saved by my little angel Sabrina..at least I have one shot that is still acceptable which was saved from the eraser! Thanks Nana!

Still unsure about not taking things for granted and never leave home without a camera guys? Think again...you'll regret it!

Here's 'lucky'...enjoy!

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