Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Again, this week I woke up very,very early on Saturday. Needless to say, I was so excited bout my IS lens!. It was pick up day! I waited hours for the clock to strike 10.00am. Why? well the shop I bought my lens opens at 10.00am. They're in a shopping mall, so can't blame them for opening late can we.
I contacted the sales executive, and guess what? They haven't receive the goods yet! Gosh, I was so upset and disappointed. Christmas has been postponed!!! goodness me, that news nearly ruined my day.
The day was inched perfect for photography. The sky was blue...I thought, I can't waste this golden opportunity. I asked my wife to accompany me for photo session...just to polish the little rust...and perhaps get some lucky shots. So, off we went to the Wildlife Park...
I pitied my lovely little wife...she was complaining about the 18-55mm lens she had on her camera. Too short, too short she mumbled time and time again. I understood her frustration, who wouldn't?
Little that I know, using that lens she produced some impressive shots. The moments and timing are perfect! (forgive me for praising her too much...) Check out her work;

There was something floating on air (maybe a dragonfly) and like a house cat, the tiger leaped to try and catch it.

The magnificent cat was so determined to catch the dragonfly...Noticed another tiger under the platform? They're so much like a domestic cat...curious and playful!

Another great moment captured by her was when one cat was stalking another and later quickly tried to ambush it. The other one was aware and as you can see, he jumped and easily avoid the attack!. Pretty impressive huh?
Well now, who is accompanying who? Is this a good news or what? It is to me...An addition to the gang! New kid on the block...


Kleine Feder said...

Wow, those are great shots! Your wife is very gifted, aren't you just a tiny bit jealous? ;))
Congratulations to her, anyway, really good timing and... very good quality shots, even with a "paltry" 18-55!

I received my macro lens two days ago but have been too busy to take anything more than bad shots of house plants leaves... Nothing to show yet, and anyway the temperature barely raises above 0° these days, it's too cold for bugs or flowers... Wait and see...

Jordan Sitorus said...

Hahaha...I was a bit jealous! but it's ok I guess, maybe we can have a little husband & wife competition to improve our skills!

hah! lucky you! at least you already have your lens with you for getting used to & play around with...that, I'm really jealous.. :)