Friday, December 21, 2007


The Wonderful World of Disney have great influence in my life. I just love watching their TV programs specially those about animals when I was little. Christmas was normally the time they air it on TV. It was great, even with the old black & white TV...
I remember one movie about a little wolf cub...I immediately fell greatly in love with wolves. They are magnificent animals. I started going to library to find something, anything about them!
In time, I also found myself admiring tigers...Wolves and Tigers!
I was ecstatic when my Mum got me and my sister a mix breed of German Shepard when we were a little bigger. We named them Tiger One and Tiger Two. Not an impressive names but however they were awesome! We had ourselves Wolves!
There is no other substitute for a tiger but domestic cats. As you can guess, I had one too! I called him Ricco. In fact, I have six of them now! I named my male Balinese mixed-breed "Mia Tuk"-American Indian for White Fang!(of course, found that out from TV too!).
I have yet to see a live wolf except on TV, however, I don't have any problem finding tiger here in Kota Kinabalu. There's no tiger in Borneo except in a zoo! I shot this one when my wife and I went there last week. As you can see, they are a beautiful and magnificent animal! It's sad to know they're endangered!
When the buying stops, the killing stops too...

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