Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Killing Time

Option 1

Option 2

Goodness me...I'm so bored today. The sky's cloudy and the rains keep pouring. It's a heartache coz I was supposed to go hunting(photography of course!) at Kinabalu National Park(World Heritage Site) with Ah Seng and John today. We made that plan last night when we had a few drinks at Ace Club( Ron's Domain).They are actually staying there and their guests will arrive around 1.00pm today. That was why we decided to go hunting coz we should have plenty of time playing with our cameras.
Well, unfortunately I guess it's not meant to be. The weather is not so kind today, had to cancel my trip. Lucky for me the download speed is extremely well today. I have myself a few movies to watch...but that's not the point actually. While downloading, I occupied myself re-designing my trademark( Ah Seng insisted that I should use it).
After a few rounds of attempts, I came up with option 1 trademark. I am quite pleased with it. but I still keep my options open...I'm not quite ready to commit yet. What do you think about my new design, like it? should I stick to it? only time will tell...

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