Friday, November 23, 2007

Labuan the Pearl Island of Borneo

I am now officially transferred to Labuan office. After being an attachment staff for 2 months I finally got the letter. I dunno how to describe how I feel...Work wise?, same ol things...Family life?...ruined...Personal life? ..I'm like a bird, FREEDOM baby!!! Labuan is a duty free haven, Where a can of beer is cheaper than a coke! but frankly, i'd rather get bugged by my kids...or answer silly questions fr my wife(hehehe...Can I blame her for not knowing the players in English football?)...sigh...Miss them...

Well, what's all that to do with the amazing borneo? Well guys, Labuan is a well known historical site. So much happened here in the past. Some of the structure from 1800's is still around. Such as the mysterious chimney, etc...Labuan is also a must-try for sports fishing. There are plenty of ship wrecks around the island. I haven't gone fishing here since my gear are still in KK...Soon maybe.

I do not have any information about the wildlife here (except for the "urban wildlife"). But I can guarantee that when the time is right...Landscape photograper will have a heck of time shooting landscapes & mind you...Lightnings!!! Dare to try?
This is my first attempt shooting lightnings...Pretty impressive don't you think so? This one was shot from the 8th floor of my hotel room a few weeks back. The best spot is actually from the other side of the Island...I know coz I used to study there. I'll get better shot next time...

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