Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amazing wireless connection

I got myself a mobile internet access here in Labuan. I have subscribed to Celcom's 3G. Have to make do with a speed of 384.0Kbps...What to do?..I can go nuts without internet. I even decided to subscribe when the Sp informed me that their 3G's broadband service is limited to Labuan Town area only & connection's via GPRS when i'm out of the 3 Km radius in town!(Hell..that's equivalent to dial-up connection speed!-around 56Kbps).
I bought an E600 Huawei data card (RM599) & subscription fee of RM68/month for that. Guess what? my new home is 12 Km from town! If my math is right; 12km -3km = 9Km out of coverage. Well, little that I know that my place is a magical place. When I connect from my sofa-bed(Yeah, 2 in 1! what to a single man...) which of course in the living room!( bedroom?what for? I have the whole place for my self! I could go around naked for all I know)
I get GPRS connection but when I move 6 feet further & closer to my door I get 384Kbps...Now, isn't that amazing!!! I can even downloads my movies and musics now! lucky me...Yeah guys, I moved in to a new 3-room apartment at sg. Bedaun. No streamyx here...too bad...I guess I have to settle with the next best thing...

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