Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Boys with Big Toys : Pics courtesy of Gary Albert (Nikon D80)

After a long back breaking journey by land (but cooled off by a chilled Tiger beers) ...we were excited to go to the final destination by boat (Kinabatangan Jungle Camp)...We had a little bit of laugh when Ron & Gary leaped off to another empty boat hoping to get a faster ride but needless to say...the boatman had different idea!

Without even a rest upon arrival to KJC, everybody switched on their cameras and got ready for action. Ah Seng was the most excited ones & eager to test his new D70s...Bravo! welcome to the addictive world of DSLR's photography!

The next morning, after an awesome river cruise experince at Menanggol, we stop by at Sukau for refreshments(No beer this time around...coz we had plenty during the night! not mentioning rounds of poker & countless glasses of an old friend's special..Mr. Jack Daniels! As ever, Where there's Ron there's good food!

Ah Seng, Chai & me during a cruise...Looking rather confident despite feeling nervous inside. Shooting on a boat is not an easy task!! but that didn't stop us...

After a few shots..Just look at us! We could turn pro anytime! National Geographic...Come check us out!

Now...finally a pic of the rest of the other photographers(Please excuse the person in WWF's white Tshirt...he's the ever reliable boatman Mr. Khai)..Ron with the blue hat & Gary in Camo. Look at Ah Seng...a thumbs up( Sign of good outing Sir?)
Within minutes after landing...Every body started uploading & showing off their catch!!! What a sight! These are a bunch of Pro's man (wanna be's)..They were five of us...5 cameras and 5 laptops. Gary and Ah Seng with their Nikons (D80 & D70s), Ron with a Sony H5 whilst Chai & me with our Canon 400D. The laptops were 2 Apples( Ron & Gary), Chai with his Compaq & Ah Seng & me with an Acer!
Gary had to scream at us to take this group photo!!! Well, you know how it is when boys are busy playing with their toys! Not even one of us bother to set up a tripod & include him in the pic...However, thank you Gary for these nice moments captured on camera! Ron...get yourself a decent DSLR camera,..Techniques can be taught...not talents.


Jollence Lee said...

Wah! looks like a great photo trip, koko Chie Rong also come kah..

Jordan Sitorus said...

Apalagi!! Mmg happenning punya trip. Great experience...for beginners like me.

Jordan Sitorus said...
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