Sunday, November 25, 2007

Borneo Endemics Making it Big in Europe

Horsfield's Tarsier (Tarsius bancanus),
also known as the Western Tarsier

Müller's Bornean Gibbon (Hylobates muelleri),
also known as the Grey Gibbon

These two pictures were taken around 4 months ago. They caught the attention of one of a museums in Europe. I am very fond of the pictures and find it hard to believe that they are good enough to be displayed in a Hall! Let alone a museum Europe. The deal has successfully gone thru and what can I say, dream does come true!
They will be featured in the museum in February 2008 and lasts for a minimum 5 years and 10 yrs max. I have always dreamt of having my work hung on a wall somewhere (besides mine of course!)...One of the pic will also be featured in their webpage, this is an added bonus guys! It is an undescribeable feeling!(dunno if the word exist in the dictionary)...I am very proud & flying sky high!
It's like winning an Oscar! and I have to tell you guys that there are some local talents that inspires me a lot. It's a short list and they are all linked to this site!( just click to visit their sites and see their remarkable works) A couple of them are not locals but when you get comments from people that's better that you (they're all are!) LISTEN! Thank you guys!
I am still not over it...I'm also eagerly waiting for February 2008!! move time...move! May this also be the sign of more good things to come!