Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Orang utan

..it's beyond me..beyond anything that has been penned about it..in books, in magazines, in anything that I have read even at a glance..but then again they say a picture speaks a thousand words..and it did..this orang utan did the unthinkable..this orang utan did something that is out of the norm..they do not like water, they hate water even..but what drove this orang utan to throw caution to the wind..did he took the risk out of boredom..did he took the risk because it is there to begin with..ventured to the pond that encircles its so called home..home at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park to be precise..I haven't stopped counting my lucky stars..not since this chance encounter..a sweet encounter..might it be he could no longer stand the searing heat..or maybe he is in his playful mood..he saw me watching him..he took his own sweet time..he then granted me with this amazing display of the unimaginable..he blew bubbles out of the water right before my eyes..I could not believe it..with perspiration running profusely down my face..I hit the shutter button..praying hard that I caught the fantastic images in time..appeased for the moment..I still could not help wondering..is it so surprising..this astonishing act..they are after all our nearest relative..how else would they contemplate this..but whatever it is..a thing for sure..my feet will never cease to grace the park..can't wait for the next rendezous..Lok Kawi Wildlife Park..soon

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