Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Greater Green leafbird (Chloropsis sonnerati)

..can you imagine trying to catch a mosquito with your bare hand (you know the one that managed to sneak into your car) while your other hand is steering the wheel..or try catching a fly with a chop sticks..remember the Karate Kid movie..then picture this..one small bird..sporting a greenish-yellowish feathers for colour..dwelling up high at Inobong..no sooner you saw one perching on a bony branch, amid the green leaves..it fluttered away without warning..and you..summoning all your senses..tried your might to follow its every movement with your faithful camera..ignoring the painful strain in your neck..ignoring the silent scream from your sore arm..ignoring the silent plea from your weary eye ball..until you heard that whisper..that said it is alright to stop..you got what you came for..you got him..put down your camera..tour of duty done..until the next calling..

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