Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flyeater (Gerygone Sulphurea)

..do you know that feeling..the feeling that you really need to tell her off..my wife I mean..it really irritates you that you just could not hold it off any longer..even though it is something that she meant well..and then all of a sudden you get this silent treatment..her mistakes were..let’s put it this way..she kept pointing at all direction..pointing at where the birds were..all direction..how on earth can one possibly look everywhere, with camera on hand..couldn’t she see that I’m struggling with the camera..couldn’t she see that trying to get just the perfect image of this petite bird is a living nightmare..ok..I’m exaggerating..with mounting pressure, I focused hard on the target..willing it to sit still..and he did just that..gave me enough time to immortalize his image..ok..back to my wife..it must be love..she would tag along dutifully on the next trip..and still pointing..pointing at a slower pace though..ever dutifully..

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