Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camping Out at Inobong

.."not fair, not fair!", the girls chorused when I announced our intended night out at Inobong..for the obvious reason that is..the one that will not include them..we packed our stuff speedier than usual and waited for Seng..my son was all excited..a first for him and my wife..mimicking donkey in Shrek..he lovingly and might I add irritatingly uttered.."are we there yet, are we there yet"..the Shrek in me almost made its appearance..turned softie when I saw him slowly dozzing off..no sooner than our arrival..he turned donkey again..urging, urging and kept on urging me to set up the tent..I relented only when we finished unloading the stuff..the expression on his face was priceless..I guess everything is priceless when one is able to do it with one's loved ones..being a mummy's boy..he posed lovingly with my camera shy wife..the mummy who does not like to be on camera..the mummy that only permits this upload..for this reason..it showed her face off at a safe distance..

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