Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Armed & dangerous

..young master Alli Izzette Presley Sitorus..the young master who will continue the Sitorus's bloodline..the young master who is her mother's pride and joy..the young master whose birth was selectively made on 31 Dec 2000..the young master who was a constant pain in the butt to his elder sister Sabrina and Sarah..the young master who only stopped breastfeeding at age 6..the young master who skipped a year of kindergarten..the young master who can twirl you around his little finger (and you let him)..the young master who according to his mother is the perfect replica of me..the young master who......it can go on and on..dear Alli..what else can mom and dad said..embrace life lovingly..come what may..like a true Sitorus you are..

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