Tuesday, August 28, 2007

pre-storm view from Inobong

..a preview to what is in store for us that night at Inobong..a dreaded preview that I guess everybody tried to ignore..as night falls..as the fog coolness embraced us..as the wind whizzed by slowly at first..it got stronger by the minutes..we were not prepared for powerful howling wind..we were not prepared for heavy pour from heaven..we make do with what we have..improvise is the name of the game..rain or shine..the show must go on..we did it fabulously..tired but not beaten..bedtime finally came..the tents sheltered our bodies..from the bashing of the wind..from the pouring chilly rain..despite all that..my wife was doing well..considering the visit to the doctor the day before..a necessary visit for asthma attack..her only discomfort..a discomfort that is a big thing to her..the fact that she did not make it to the saloon..the fact that she did not have her brow done..one mighty discomfort..compared to an eventful night..what else can I say guys..I rest my case..

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