Monday, November 7, 2011

What A Day?: Waders day

Its a holiday today in Malaysia. So, there's nothing much to do except for birding i guess.

The weather have been bad these weekend, strong wind and it rained almost every night. No more blue sky like a few days before. However, it's a blessing in disguise. At least it's not that hot. Birding in an open space like the paddy fields or beaches was not as torturing, not to mention the pleasant light...just what I needed...

Today was also a great day for me as far as birding is concerned. Got some good records of birds and also happened to be my lifers as well. The digiscope is really a great invention...brilliant idea!

I have these photos to tell you how much I enjoy my setup:-

#1 Alphonsus a.k.a The Beastmaster...Out of the jungle of Sandakan and ready to raid the plains of the West Coast!

#2 Wood Sandpiper...the cowards who also scare off other waders with their warning sirens!

#3 Yellow Bittern...On it's stride

#4 Greater Sand Plover...from a safe perimeter, they couldn't be bothered to see a two legged man...

#5 The Terek Sandpiper...My lifer no. 1! Saw a pair but managed to get a shot of one...I was lucky it took a pit stop! They are quick!

#6 The Ruddy Turnstone...Lifer No.2 A scarce passage migrant...seemed to mix with the Greater Sand Plover.

#7 Ruddy Turnstone... If you got a chance..Once is never enough!

All photos were taken with a Nikon P300 mounted to Nikon ED82 Fieldscope with 30X WDS eyepiece.

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