Monday, February 21, 2011

Klias: Mission Bulabul

From the South to North, from the peatswamp to the plain, from the rare to the vagrant... all in a day.

Our mission was to search and record the rare Hook-billed Bulbul. A couple of weeks earlier a buddy of mine, Ah Seng photographed one at Klias Peatswamp. Needless to say, everyone started to swarm the peatswamp ever since that.

Headed by one of the best bird guides around, our good friend Jason a.k.a Horukuru was sure we would accomplish our mission. George, a new friend proved to be priceless when it comes to spotting the feathered one. I guessed, he wasn't wearing a "Maliau Basin Scientific Expedition" shirt for nothing!

With the two of them combining, together with Hazel...I guess there won't be any bird too rare for this group. We, the ones with cameras on the other hand...simply enjoying the luxury of having them around!

Anyway, we accomplished our mission.. I ended up having the worst record shot, but none the less still grateful. Thank you to the guidance of the three above.

Like mad people, we later rushed to Tuaran to check up on our favorite pair there, the Teals. This time, Mr. Wan and George did not join us.

A fruitful trip indeed, I bag 4 lifers...check out:

Lifer # 1

Lifer # 2

Lifer # 3

Lifer # 4

From left to right: Winston, Ron, Hazel, Jason, Wan, George, Jordan(me) and Zaiton...

Thanks for the fun trip guys!


Wong Tsu Shi said...

Heard need to pay $ to shoot Hook Billed.

Zaiton Yunus said...

Such a fun and fruitful would be great to rendevous with the gang again for another round of Hook-billed Bulbul's mission...;)

myonlyphoto said...

Oh I love the photo with birds on the electrical wire. But then all are excellent as always. Anna :)