Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blogging Marathon: The Final Day In Sepilok

Time was almost up...deadline was approaching fast.

Already on my last day in Sepilok, but yet there was not a single interesting photo to submit for the competition. I had photographed the Copper-throated Sunbird, Bornean Bristlehead, Diard’s name a few of the big names in the birding world.

Considering the amount of time I had spent there, it was a remarkable achievement. However, for I was a man on a mission, I found them quite unsatisfactory at all. All I needed was that one shot with the big difference. Unfortunately, easier said than done...

Alphonsus could not join me on my hunt as he was on duty that day. I knew he was itching inside. I went straight to the trail as we arrived, while Alphon reluctantly walked to the front desk to sign in.

Knowing very well that it is almost impossible to get an action shot of Trogons, I went look for them anyway. The encounter with the Scarlet-rumped Trogon on the previous day gave me something to bet on... medium sized...they’re perfect.

I have captured some in-flight shots in the past with my 40D...I was ready to bet my luck on my trustworthy camera again.

Luck was not on my side that day. I had a real good opportunity with the Red-Bearded Bee-eater. Fanning its tail to engage in a mating courtship, I knew I lost a big chance when the action happened at the most undesirable angle...

However, I was still glad. Grateful that at least I'd improved my record shots of this peculiar bee-eater, enjoy:-


myonlyphoto said...

Jordan your bird photos are surreal.
Anna :)

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