Monday, December 14, 2009

Blogging Marathon: The competition

"Bird Photos must be taken around Sabah between 3rd to 13th October 2009"....

One of the rules and regulations of the Borneo Bird Festival 2009 photography contest. One that made all nature photographers including myself went havoc in search of the winning photograph during that period. It was USD1000.00 for grab, who wouldn't?

Well, me at first! Discussions after duscussions with my best buddy Alphonsus, finally concluded that I should compete.

I am not really into competition. Why? lots of reasons really...guess one and you are probably almost...right. I'm sure of it!

Another challenge was to capture an "interesting bird behavior", which is obviously not easy. After spending many weekends in the foothill of Mt. Kinabalu, I was sure that an "interesting behavior" is not easy to capture.

Weather can quickly change in the mountains. My setup was far from ideal on those conditions. Running on a budget, have to make do with whatever I have obviously. I didn't want ISO issues to cloud my mind.

There we were, two good buddies waited for the thick fog to go by and make way for the sunshine...

The first day was bad and unfortunately, the second day was not any better...contest-wise. 'Otherwise'?...not too bad I guess;-


Tabib said...

So you submitted this five entry?.
I will pick that colourful Barbet.

Alphons said...

Very nice my friend.

Unknown said...

they are all very good photos, no shame. I can understand birding/photography is a great anticipation hobby and winning and having the best photo don't mean anything least that is "still" true for me for smelling the flowers and walking the trail and enjoying the nature is key for me. Happy birding my friend.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.
Not easy as you say, to capture birds, not in an ordinary way.