Sunday, August 9, 2009

White-Browed Shortwing: I Wish

Driving alone this time around. My partner decided not to join me "have to take care of Alli" she said. The girls have some activities in school. I guessed my wife would rather stay home than having to watch over Alli outdoor! Long time since he last joined us...

Departing late from home, I thought I could save a few minutes by going to Kinabalu National Park than I did.

After having my breakfast at my usual spot at the park, I went trekking at Silau-Silau Trail and Liwagu Trail. I also spent some time at the Tupai Trail shelter where I heard so many chirping birds but failed to spot any of them!..Except for the Golden-Naped Barbet coz they are the loudest!

However, no photos I'm afraid. After spending half the day in the jungle, where it is more peaceful and no one was walking around...I got to shoot my first picture for the day near the headquarters!

Check them out;-

I don't quite dare to ID the last photo. I think it's White-Browed Shortwing (Brachypteryx montana erythroggma), and would be my lifer. I wish I have a better picture of them. I had to push the ISO to 800 for this shot. Not to worry tho, I'll get them next time...

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Alphons said...

Wonderful job bro.