Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mesilau Nature Resort: The Next Destination

My wife and I were on a mission. We decided to go to Mesilau Nature Resort following my successful previous trip there with Alphonsus.

We drove off as early as 6.30AM from home. You probably think that's already quite late, but going to the mountains...lets just say...just nice.

We stop by at Bamboo Cafe for breakfast, and ended up wasting 40 minutes waiting for our food! Sigh...There goes our time management!

The weather was beautiful when we arrived. Slightly overcast but manageable. As long as it doesn't rain, the chances of getting a good bird photo is higher.

The tailorbird and leaf warbler I was after didn't show, Fortunately I got these-enjoy;

I had a good feeling that my wife Zaiton enjoyed our time there. When I asked her, she said the journey was not too bad and not that far...

Obviously, I was expecting a suggestion to return and I was right! Looks like we're going back there...soon! Who knows the two birds that I'm after will be there next time...Mesilau, our next destination.


Tabib said...

Beautiful set!.
I love that Green Magpie.
I have been searching for its cousin, the "Cissa chinensis" at Fraser's Hill, but so far no luck.

Unknown said...

same here and so envy...
but gorgeous bird and great composition/nice pose.