Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frustration, frustration & more frustration!

Yet another frustration people. I was checking out the photos I took during our trip to Kinabatangan. At first, I was quite impressed with the photos…How could I not uploaded those at Flickr I asked myself??? I could have made the viewers amazed! Only after I zoomed in I found the answer! What the heck is the purple thing doing in my photo?! Yes guys…A digital photo phenomenon called “fringing”. A total nightmare! Well, to me at least. I have yet to know exactly what causes it or how to heal it. I noticed that when the background is brighter that the subject…you’re in trouble! I also think maximum zooming might also cause fringing. The morale of the story is…Avoid fringing! It’s nasty. Get as close as you can get to your subject! Don’t be greedy by twisting your lens to the fullest especially when the sky happens to be your background!…Image stabilization might also help huh Gary, Chai…Seng?

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