Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kinabatangan Jungle Camp (KJC) 3D2N: Kinabatangan Jetties

I don't know how to describe how I felt when I saw few of the remarkable jetties erected on the riverbank of Kinabatangan...It's good that the area is being developed, but I do have my worries. I just hope that the development is closely monitored by the authority and the area will not be too commercialized...afterall, by the look of things, I am sure that these types of jetties are owned by the companies running the lodges here. However, currently it's safe to say that any visitors can still enjoy and experience the true wilderness of Kinabatangan...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, some beautiful photos here!

Would you like to write some articles with pics for my site? You can link back to your blog, maybe even offer tourists professional photography services?

I have linked your blog on the site but would love to have your scribbles and some pics in the article section! Regarding your camera I have a great respect for the Canon EOS series but had to sell my beloved EOS10 (film) when I moved to Sarawak :o(

Anyway, the site his here, it's all about adventures in Borneo. Also if you know any operators locally whom you are certain take good care of the environment please encourage them to list themselves :o)