Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kinabatangan Jungle Camp (KJC) 3D2N: Fresh Water Crocodile

Well...I've seen crocodiles dozens of times. From the smallest to the monsterous ones. The experience however isn't quite the same as this encounter. I had mixed feelings when I came face-to-face with this particular beast. Eventho it's relatively small and was floating calmly not more that three meters from the boat..but nevertheless I felt some discomfort... It was watching us with that mysterious look...I have heard before from my grandfather that the tail of this creature is as dangerous as the jaw... Instead of using their razor sharp teeth, they can actually use their strong tail to bring down other huge animal such as cows. I have watched some documentaries on TV, and frankly speeking have never seen such attacking mode by a crock. I have to admit that that doesn't mean I don't believe my late granpa...for he was not only greatlookin' guy..but he was also a wiseman!! ...maybe the wild environment added the excitement and anxiety!..afterall, mind you that there wasn't any steel fence between us and nature that time...

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