Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crested Fireback long last..the obsession with this pheasant..these hauntings that possesses the mind..night and finally I can move on & hunt other birds with peace of mind...eversince I bought my EOS 400D, this bird filled the senses..I was more than ever determined to capture it on camera..its rich colors is mesmerizing to say the least..eventho' moving in a relatively slow pace, getting a clear shot was never a word comes to mind..elusive..yes, an elusive creature..until that fateful day..I was presented with the smallest window of opportunity..ignoring the mosquitoes' annoying buzzes..ignoring their itching my my face..I hold my breath..for one full minute..holding..holding..until that split moment..I pressed firmly the shutter button..and..walla..behold..parading its glorious colour in one perfect pose..there's no denial..the crested fireback is one stunning specimen of the bird kingdom..while most times than not, photography has its darkest moment..for me anyway..not to mention challenging..yes, I have mountains of them..personally..I am very proud and happy with this result..enjoy!!! EXIF can be found at

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