Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upgrade the Hard Work, then the Work Upgraded...

The Canon EOS 7D, my current one and only DSLR has served me well. From the cold snowy mountain of Zugspitze, Germany to the hot and humid rainforest of Sandakan, Borneo...She never failed me since 2009 and I'm sure she fails me the coming years to come.

Prior to her, a Canon 40D used to serve me. A hard working companion, my bitter sweet mechanic tutor. Teaching me the hard way how to not take a snap of a picture. She brought me pain and agony of missing the moments, but joy and smile nailing them in the process.

Three years later and in the verge of becoming obsolete the Canon 7D is promised a new life. Nothing short of surprises nor excitement... I welcome and eagerly awaits for the punch of new intelligence to her already excellent being. Thank you in advance Canon for the new firmware. I've never expected my hole-in-my-pocket matrimonial  investment to be a real value for money...hehehe

Anyway, in the thick of things i suddenly remembered quite a handful of not-so-bad bird shots using the Canon EOS 40D. Below are the few, as a reminder for myself that hard-work is really the key to every good things and surely the first small step before the giant leap. Not the best..but surely not the worst. I guess I won't be upgrading anytime soon..for if the 40D can deliver these, the pimped up 7D could do much better...

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