Thursday, January 19, 2012

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher (Cyornis turcosus)

One bird that i really love to photograph are the flycathers. They are all around us in Borneo, from then mangrove forests all the way up to the mountains.

I don't know but they have this unique personality, and almost photogenic! Somehow or rather, they know they are attractive and adorable. I just think they are natural in front of a

This particular Malaysian Blue Flycatcher, was taken at a riverbank at Sungai Menanggol, Sukau. At 13cm, even though brightly colored blue-and-orange...was not easy to spot, specially in the dark and gloomy part of the river bank.

Playing hard to get at first, it gave me that split second opportunity right at the right moment at the right spot. The boat chase was worth it in the end!

To have an expert spotter beside you during a birding trip is really crucial, specially when you know you have invested a lot for the trip. That time, I was lucky I had my good buddy the local bird expert Jason...A.K.A Horukuru (I just have to mention this famous name!) with us.

My beloved 7D has been idle in the dry box for too long now i guess...obviously not anymore, rest assured on that. We'll see what happen next...mean while, enjoy this as much as i enjoyed taking it.


Unknown said...

Lovely looking bird.

Jordan Sitorus said...

Definitely Anthony! That's one of the reasons why I love them so much... Thanx for visiting