Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tambunan: My Pleasure

One of the harder species to spot and let alone to photograph are babblers. They are tiny, active and well camouflaged against the dense bushes. I personally avoid using flash, obviously making it extra hard for me with my budget so-called fast lens (F/4).

They usually foraging the under storey in a group of 4-5 individuals. Searching for insects and caterpillar of sort, quite noisy in their business. Hence, making life just a bit easier for us. Do not get me wrong, they're still extremely challenging to shoot no matter how close they are to you.

The Ashy Drongo is a bit easier to photograph due to their more predictable behavior. Somewhat curious, they sometime allow people to get close. More comfortable perching on an exposed branch, they are so hard to miss when they are around.

Depending on your effort and luck, having them in a frame filling distant is always a pleasure...both of them!..enjoy;-

Caterpillar, anyone??

Pleasure is all mine...

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Bird House Country said...

Wow those are great shots. Keep em coming!