Sunday, April 11, 2010

Living Bird: Bristlehead on the International News

The year 2009 was quite a good year for me.

I know it's already April 2010, but I wanna share it anyway! I was too busy to blog it as earlier as I should have.

Anyway, I had a few orders for some of my work (pictures). Obviously, when any of your photo being requested you should be happy and proud. I was and I still keep those e-mails!

Of all the e-mails, I have a few stories to share and a complain!

There was this academician from Europe, working on his new book about evolution. I have to salute and thank him for having the courtesy to inform me everything I needed to know.

He agreed on my conditions and stating that it was fair considering how hard it is to get that particular specimen. Moreover, the photo has the element he wanted to show in his book.

A self produce book, he later informed me he needed some time to finance his purchase. He told me he needed at least three months, I told him take all the time you need!

He kept me updated regularly for the next three months, unfortunately he had to cancel right at last moment. He had a bit of financial difficulty that he had to cancel the arrangement.

I said I didn't mind and thank him for having the courtesy to inform me coz it matters!

Somebody from Night Safari Singapore also requested a photo from me...FOC! I said thank you sir! At least he dared to ask it for free...which I think was asking too much.

A TV station from Canada wanted one of my bird photos for a DVD of the show. However, I was too late. I had a mix feeling at first, but they are making money for the show while my photo is rare...I had to stay firm.

Anyway, some of my work can be found here, here and the latest:-

The point is, appreciate work of them. It's never enough, but do a little something to put a smile on our face.

That being said clearly, please refrain from asking a picture for free unless you have a pretty good reason to do so...specially for me.

P/S; keep those e-mails coming!!! hehehe help me make 2010 a memorable one too

The mighty urgent mail from US...

I had been expecting this mail...

I received three copies from them...and i only asked for two!

Appreciation from renowned names is just an amazing feeling...I kinda addicted to them...

Love seeing my name printed proudly beside my pic!

Notice the "Birds of Borneo"? Also advertized on this Autumn Issue...& its a soft-cover which I want one. That is Susan Myers'.

Lastly, the photo which made me international Bornean Bristlehead!

By the way, if you want to read about it or have a copy, you can order from the online! Thank you very much Living Bird Magazine.


Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Hehehe nice buss !

Ily-as said...

sadly,I cant go to Borneo :(

myonlyphoto said...

Jordan thank you for the update. And Congratulations, it is nice feeling to have a name beside your photo in fact. Never had one, but hey it is nice to hear that other do. Keep up the good work. Anna :)