Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Eyebrowed Jungle-Flycatcher: The Ambitious Video Attempt

I agree 100% if you say I'm madly in love with the Eyebrowed Jungle-Flycatcher. Last Sunday (August,30) I got "the look" from my wife when I told her I wanted to go search for the flycatcher at the Kinabalu National Park.

I got both-the "green light" and the "green look" from her...

I promised I would be back early, which I did. I left home in a hurry too coz I could not dare to stay longer. She kinda posses the power to make me change my mind! (hehehe)...

At the park, The action started exactly at the spot and time I suspected the flycatcher would appear. Switching between cameras, I managed to record this;- (Not the best of quality, but taken handheld and only my third video recording attempt, I have to say it's not too bad!). Enjoy:-

P/s: Please take note the sound in the background is thesound of the Mountain Leafbird, dying for my attention! ;)


Unknown said...


This was taken using a camcorder?
Pretty good.
And yes the background sound is so temping...

Jordan Sitorus said...

Thanks for your visit Yen.

This was taken using my old sony camera & I remembered the video function only recently! I never thought I'd enjoy that function..quite nice eventho I find the AF to be struggling a bit.

Hope to get better videoshot of birds soon.

Happy birding to you!