Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Who is it?

I've not been updating my blog as regularly as I used to. My weekends are filled with birding activities but yet, It seemed there's always something missing...the excitement? maybe...

Our weekends were never a dull one. Weekends after weekends, I drove to Kinabalu National Park(KNP). So frequent that I could even remember the smallest potholes on the road. Eversince I'm back in the 'mainland', that was how we spent my weekends.

As far as I can remember, we only missed one weekend because of work!

'We' used to represent my wife and I. As of now, 'we' I'm afraid means me, my wife and Son! Yes, my 8yo son Alli seems to be interested in birding since his first close encounter with the Snowy-Browed Flycatcher recently.

Of course it was a pleasant surprise for us, but boys will be boys...they are filled with energy and excitement!

Talking about the missing excitement, I've gotten them back with these, enjoy;-

The best personal shot of this forktail so far. They are so shy and fly as far as the could possibly can when spooked.

It's always a pleasure to get a pair of birds. This time a pair of Snowy-browed flycatcher. Their beauty caught the attention of my son.

I'm not so keen of snakes. They scare me, but when an opportunity came knocking...Why not?! A subspecies of the Sumatran Pit Viper, the Kinabalu Pit Vipers are rare and only found in altitude higher than 800m compared to their cousin.
This particular shot is intended to portray the variety of colors a Kinabalu Pit Viper has. A beauty aren't they?

Just another personal favorite shot of a snowy-browed Flycatcher.

Another jewel of the montanes... They are loud, but they are not easy to be photographed! I need to get a better shot soon!

This Bulbul is not as colorful as the other birds in the highland, but that doesn't mean they are not attractive. Just look at that...

One of the most sought for Whitehead Trio! I would consider this a bonus and record shot of a great lifer. I'll get the male next time...

This particular bird is the only reason I lost the excitement for the past few weeks to blog! I fell in love with the bird the first time I saw Chai Chie Rong and Ron's shot!It got worse after seeing Alphon's, George's and Gary's shot!
Now that I finally got it...Mission accomplished! I found my happy place and can now get on with my life! Till next post, see ya!


Tabib said...

You fall in love with this white "eyebrowed"?. :)
Beautiful bird ,congratulation!

Unknown said...

lovely photographs.... so many birds at East Malaysia are not found in West Malaysia...should be visiting KK/Sandakan soon.

dev wijewardane said...

amazing shots. love the pit viper. I too am not keen on snakes!

Anonymous said...

what a great bird photos. once i saw your Forktail then I think that you are a professional photographer...
very nice wildlife photographs..


Anonymous said...

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