Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Bird Photograph Account: Officially Opened

Tambunan was the first place we visited on the first day of the New Year 2009. Chai, Siesie, Alphonsus, George, Zaiton and I embarked early from Kota Kinabalu to open our accounts for 2009.

Searching and waiting at the Rafflesia Centre for hours, we switched plan and headed for Kinabalu National Park (KNP) instead. It seemed that all the birds there were still resting after the New Year’s celebration the night before…

Unlike in Tambunan, KNP was livelier. I managed to capture some photos enough to say it was a successful trip. Enjoy;

1. Mugimaki Flycatcher (Ficedula Mugimaki)

I saw another one in Tambunan earlier that morning. The Mugimaki Flycatcher is a common passage migrant and winter visitor. However, this encounter was only the third time for me.

2. Brown Wood-Owl (Strix leptogrammica)

How I wished to have better angles for this huge Owls. There was a time when all of us stop shooting and enjoyed the beauty of these owls through the Binoculars.

3. Black-sided Flowerpecker (Dicaeum celebicum)

One of my favorite flowerpeckers. However, due to their size and behaviour they are not really good models. They are too jumpy!

4. Indigo Flycatcher (Muscicapa indigo)

When luck is with you, then the only thing that stands between you and the bird is...CF cards! Taken at a frame filling size, I have to say that this was one of my best shots. I had my speedlite but fortunately for me the battery died during this shot. It appeared that this was the best light for this flycatcher shots.

I lost counts of the shots I made for this bird but lucky for me one turned out better than I expected. My initial shots for my 2009 account is officially opened.

Thank you for reading!


Tabib said...

You save the best to the last frame.
Yes that Indigo singing wide open the best so far.
It amaze me that you managed to have this sharp pic at slow 1/60 second shutter with 300mm lenses. Strong arms.
Respect to you and the bird!

Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Wah nice record shot of the Brown Hawk Owl bro hahaha !

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Where in KNP did you find those Brown Wood-owls?

Sander (Netherlands)

Jordan Sitorus said...

It is one of the world's heritage site located in Sabah, North Borneo, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan. I know that. :) What I meant to ask is, where in the park (which trail?) did you see them?

I am visiting Mount Kinabalu myself next month - that's why I am asking.


Jordan Sitorus said...

Hi Sander! That's a great news! Welcome!

Anyway, I saw them in Silau-Silau trail. Just a few yards after the juction to Bukit Ular.

I also found the endemic Bornean Whistler there but too embarrased to share my shots!

Other than the Owl, what else do you have i mind?

Whatever it is I'm sure you'll have a great trip to KNP next month. Thanks for your visit to my blog as well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan,
Do you mean Bukit Tupai? I have a map of KNP here and Bukit Ular trail does not seem to cross the Silau-Silau trail.

At KNP I hope to see Everett's Thrush, the Whitehead's Trio, Friendly Bush Warbler and many others. :) I will also be at Danum Valley, Rafflesia Center, Poring, Kinabatangan and Pulau Mantanani. And a day of wader-watching around KK, Tuaran and Kota Belud with Jason BR.

Anyway, hopefully plenty of great birds.

Keep up the good work with your photos. I enjoy visiting your blog!


Jordan Sitorus said...

Hi Sander.

Yup, you're right! Bukit Tupai's the one, forgive me.

I'm pretty sure you'll get your trio if Jason is around! one of the best men for the job. The places you're going is also mouth watering places!

Hey, I would love to see your work too. I would appreciate it if you could give me a link.

Thanks again.