Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wild Bird Club of Borneo : The Historic Day (Nov 29,2008)

Come 29 November 2008 will mark another historic and important event for the wildlife of Borneo, especially for birds and birders alike. The formation of The Wild Bird Club of Borneo is long overdue, but nonetheless is never too late.

A committed birding club will directly ensures refuge specially to the declining numbers of the diversed and unique wild birds of Borneo. Thanks to the effort of the few mentioned names above, the ministry and of course the organizers -The future is looking very bright for our birds.

The Rainforest Discovery Centre located in Sepilok is a safe haven for variety of birds such as the Bornean Bristlehead, the Hornbills and other species. On my recent visit, I was glad to see effort made by schools to have study tours for their students there.

However, I do have my worries and concerns. Perhaps visitors should be given a reminder or briefing prior to entering the premises. Beside visitor's safety, the well being of the wildlife should be prioritized and noises must be kept to a minimum.

On-going awareness programmes will surely and eventually educate the public. I do think some kind of short term measures must be taken by the proper authority to tackle this problem. We do want those birds to think that we are friends, don't we? ...I come in peace... kinda stuff!

I have a good feeling that this club will be a huge success. I haven't got the details yet, but based on the names involved above-I don't have the slightest doubts! These guys are the best for the job.

Personally, I will do my best to take part on that historic day. Who would want to miss it?! I would love to have a copy of the "Photographic guide to: Birds of Sepilok Forest" and get an autograph from the photographers themselves(They will be present, I promise).

Well, What say you??? It's a chance of a lifetime... The HISTORIC day. So to whom it may concern- Save one for me (Autographed!)

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