Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Golden-naped Barbet (Megalaima Pulcherrima): The Colors of My Delight

Our hope is still high. Alphonsus and I drove to Tambunan as early as 5.30am today. The Besra might still be there. We just cannot accept the fact that we did not see it on our previous visits. Yes, I'm still here in Kota Kinabalu (K.K) thanks to my 6-day annual leave. Alphonsus, on the other hand took a day of his annual leave today. He's not ready to go back to Sandakan yet, I guess!

Took our breakfast at Gunung Alab Resort Restaurant before heading straight to the spot. Unfortunately, we did not sight the Besra as well today. We spent quite a while there before we moved on. Unlike the days before, today the weather is quite windy. There was no rain in the morning but it was a cold day indeed.

I managed to take pictures of some of my favorite birds today. Alphon did well with his shots too. We were not fully satisfied but it rained heavily around 2.30pm forcing us to pack and head back. Frankly speaking, I just could not get the Besra out of my head. I wished it did not rain...

At time like this, to comfort myself with this one, enjoy the delightful colors of my;

Golden-naped Barbet (Megalaima Pulcherrima)
This one was taken at Kinabalu Park on April 21. Ron and I were fortunate to get a picture of our first Barbet. Rest assured there will be more! Aren't they a beauty?

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