Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tanjung Aru Missiles:The Blue-naped Parrot

It was a wonderful morning in Kota Kinabalu today, the sky was perfectly blue. My wife and I, together with Ron went to search for the Blue-naped Parrot and the Dollar Bird at Tanjung Aru.

The search was succesful as we managed to record some decent photographs of them for the record. There were quite a number of visitors at the beach which made the hunt more difficult. Not too bad in the end though.

1. Spotted-neck Dove

A dove captured by my wife enjoying the morning sun.

2. Brown-throated Sunbird

A female sunbird busy weaving its' nest. Check out the thread...spider web!

3. Blue-naped Parrot

A beautiful parrot with lots of noise. You will face not much of problem locating them!

4. Blue-naped Parrot

The closest shot I managed to capture of the bird. The best part was- It was enjoying a morning snack!

5. Blue-naped Parrot

These guys flies like missiles. They are fast and very difficult to get a good flick. Out of almost a dozen attempts-this one's proved the best one. Not the best quality I assure you, but just look at the beautiful colors.

6. Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia)

Another attraction at the beach-the Common Iora.

7. Dollar bird

More often than not I mistakenly ID the Dollarbird to a Chinese Crested Myna when they are in flight. However, if you take a closer look there are blue while the Chinese Crested Mynas are black.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with our outing today. I was more happy with the company really. I was begining to feel very lonely going hunting alone in Labuan . The birds there seemed to be very unco-operative to me in recent times too!

Glad to be back this weekend! The blue-and-green flying missiles adds to the smile.


Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

buss if i knew u were here kan, we gp to tambunan rafflesia centre ba many endemic barbet to see and photographed :p

Kleine Feder said...

Wow, great day... Many wonderful creatures captured!


I'm still waiting for spring... Today we had SNOW! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I always saw them in group, before the sunset in Tanjung Aru. They are so beautiful and colorful. I thought they are birds escaped from pet shop.

Tabib said...

I did half an hour birding at Tanjung Aru 'Taman' on Sunday (3/08/08), while waiting to check-in at K.Kinabalu Airport. I didn't bring my bino, from my short 300mm lenses I saw a green and yellow birds very far away - could be this parrot and iora.
There were alot of Glossy Starlings, Eurasion Sparrow and Zebra Dove around.