Monday, March 10, 2008

Epson Roadshow: Extraordinary Wedding & Potrait Photography by Louis Pang

Eversince I owned a DSLR, I had been hoping for this guy to give a talk in K.K. I'm not a hardcore fan of wedding or potrait photography, but I'm surely a fan of Louis' work. I checked out his blog/website every now & then-to be amazed and as a result-will always try to comprehend the way he sees and capture moments. After all, wedding & potrait photography is a whole different genre in photography. I might do it someday...Until I really want to do it, for now-no thank you.
I'm really hoping to be able to attend this "once in a blue moon" event. At least just to attend a formal talk about photography and mingle around with everyone who has at least one thing in common-photography!(this trial & error kind of self-learning sometime can be really frustrating, if you know what i mean) The presure of the upcoming audit at my office really mounting. Had to go to the office even on Saturdays & Sundays for a few weeks now. Sigh...If there is a will-there is a way? Have to dissapoint lots of people if I go back to KK this weekend!
Anyways & anyhows-people with a DSLR in your hands in Sabah, or anywhere else for that matter- Check out and be sure not to miss the golden opportunity this sunday. BTW, went birding for a few hours yesterday but time, surely with bird posts-wish me luck

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