Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greater Coucal: Saves the Day

The weather was not favorable the past few weeks. At least not for birding and photography! It rained in the morning today, but I could not bear losing another weekend. So I geared up and kept my fingers crossed.

Went to WWII Memorial Park (again!). The Crimson Sunbird has been always on top of my list of bird-to-shoot in Labuan. I had to wait almost half an hour before the rain completely stopped. Finally, I got out of my car.

1. Sunbird
I did not blog last week, this was the picture taken last week.
2. Sunbird
Another chick I caught today. I wonder if this could be the same chick...
3. Greater Coucal
After spending a few hours at the WWII Memorial Park, and obviously without too much excitement. I decided to drive home. However, instead of going home I drove off to the other side of the Island where I spot a Greater Coucal pearched on a palm tree beside the highway. From inside the car, I got a few shots...
I wished I had a better angle to compose my shots, but that's okay I least the box is ticked and my day is saved!

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